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You will be connecting to our educational partner, which controls its own content, practices, and other policies.

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This CME Activity has expired and is no longer available for credit.

Self-Assessment Demo

Self-Assessment Demo



Time to Complete

Varies by activity


January 6, 2015


January 6, 2020
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About This Demo

This demo offers a preview of our new self-assessment courses. After clicking the "Start Activity" button at the bottom of the page, you'll be taken through a simulation that mimics the question-and-answer format of the course questions, which are each followed by an in-depth explanation and a graph showing how your responses compare to your peers'.

Please note: This activity is for demo purposes only. No CME credit is offered.

Maximum Credits

The exact number of credits offered varies from activity to activity. However, all self-assessment activities offer AAPA Category 1 CME Self-Assessment Credits.

About Self-Assessment

Starting in 2014, depending on your certification cycle, the NCCPA requires physician assistants to complete 20 credits of Category 1 PI-CME and/or Self-Assessment CME every 2 years. Assess your clinical skill to identify any gaps in knowledge and fulfill this requirement at the same time by completing our self-assessment CME activities, which offer AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment Credits.


What is the format of the self-assessment activities?
Each self-assessment activity consists of a series of National Exam-style questions covering a variety of issues in the given therapeutic area. Each question will allow participants to test their knowledge and competence by reading a clinical scenario and then determining the correct answer from a list of multiple choice selections. Comprehensive explanations, graphical comparison of how peers responded to each scenario, and additional resources are included with each question, allowing learners to close their identified gaps and, ultimately, improve the care of patients.

Is there a post-test?
No. At the end of the course, you will simply need to certify that you have successfully answered all self-assessment questions before you can proceed to your certificate.

Will the CME credit expire?
Each self-assessment course has its own expiration date, which is set by AAPA. You can check the individual CME expiration date on the course by checking the "Expires" header located at the top righthand corner of the first page of the activity. In general, all self-assessment activities are valid for approximately 1 year. You must complete the activity prior to the stated expiration date in order to claim CME credit.

How long will I have access to the course?
You will have access to the course for as long as you'd like. Even after the CME credits expire, you are free to access all course materials.

Will my self-assessment credits be reported to the NCCPA?
myCME does not report credits. You should report completion of any course(s) directly to the appropriate certifying body.


Hardware and Software Requirements
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7.x or higher, Firefox 4.x or higher, Safari 2.x or higher, or any other W3C standards compliant browser
  • Additional Software: Adobe Flash Player and/or an HTML 5 capable browser maybe required for video or audio playback. PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat Reader may occasionally be required
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