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Dr. Daniel Alford—Professor of Medicine and course director for Boston University School of Medicine’s SCOPE of Pain safer opioid prescribing program—shares over 20 years’ experience as a general internist along with his personal understanding of the complexities, communication challenges, risks, and benefits of prescribing opioids for patients with chronic pain in this exclusive series.

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SCOPE of Pain’s Colleague to Colleague Audio Shorts are organized by the challenges commonly faced by clinicians and deliver clinical pearls in 4 minutes or less. Be sure to check back often, as we’ll be adding more throughout the year.

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Colleague to Colleague Audio Shorts Series Topics
The Challenge: Assessment and Monitoring
"My Pain is a '20' on a 10 Point Scale."
"You Treat Me Like a Drug Addict."
"Your Staff is Treating Me Like a Drug Addict."
The Challenge: Unexpected Urine Drug Test Results
The Unexpected Urine Test: Positive for Cocaine
The Unexpected Urine Test: Negative for the Prescribed Opioid
The Challenge: High Risk Patients
"I am Using Cannabis to Treat My Pain."
The New Patient on High Dose Opioids
The Challenge: Worrisome Signs and Opioid Tapering
“Can You Give Me an Opioid Refill Until I Find a New Doctor?”
The Unsanctioned Opioid Dose Escalation
“I Will Report You for Patient Abandonment!”
The Patient Overly Focused on Opioid Therapy
The Anonymous Call: Your Patient is Selling His Opioids

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SCOPE of Pain’s free, 2-hour online CME/CE program picks up where the Audio Shorts leave off, providing even more best practices and clinical pearls on the safe introduction and management of opioid treatment.

Topics include: Patient selection/monitoring strategies, safe therapy initiation, modifying/discontinuing use, counseling patients/caregivers on safe opioid use, recognizing misuse, and more.

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