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NPACE: Primary Care Pharmacology CE Series.

Fulfill your pharmacology CE requirement, earning 24.25 CE for Nurse Practitioners and 18.25 pharmacology credits with this package from NPACE. Important primary care topics are included in this 15-course package, addressing contraceptives, dermatologic pharmacology, acute and chronic pain, pediatric pharmacotherapeutics, and more. View all the courses in the package below

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$ 329.00

Diabetes Management Workshop

Earn up to 2.00 pharmacology credits. This 3-hour Workshop will include information about diabetes management with pharmacotherapeutics and case studies including insulin management.


Dermatology Workshop: A Primer

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit. This workshop is intended to provide basic understanding of dermatologic issues you are likely to encounter in your primary care, including acne and rosacea, benign and malignant skin lesions, common skin rashes and infections.


Women's Health Guidelines Update

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. Explore epidemiology and risk factors for various women's health conditions, current guidelines, controversies regarding the guidelines, and more. the latest issues in women’s health in this lecture, from challenges facing clinicians and patients, contraceptive and pregnancy statistics, research studies, and more.

$ 25.00

Contraceptive Update

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit. In this lecture, learn more about the key elements of the new CDC Contraceptive Guidelines, statistics and trends, important new contraceptive research and its potential clinical impact.

$ 25.00

Caring For Our Patients With Obesity

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. Gain new understanding about the epidemiologic factors and common comorbidities found in patients with obesity. You’ll also review case studies and explore pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic obesity prevention and treatment options.

$ 25.00

Dermatology Pharmacology in Primary Care

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit. Treatment of common dermatology disorders seen in primary care will be touched upon in this activity, reviewing new medical treatments, and how to determine which issues require referral, including urgent referrals to dermatology.

$ 25.00

New Drug Update: What's Hot, What's Not

Earn up to 1.50 pharmacology credits with this activity. One of the true challenges of primary care is keeping up with new medications. Leading NPACE lecturer, Wendy Wright discusses the top new and widely used medications, including appropriate uses, adverse effects, and drug interactions.

$ 45.00

Hypertension 2018: What's New in the Treatment Guidelines and What Do We Do Now?

Earn up to 1.25 pharmacology credits with this activity. Using lecture, discussion, and case study presentations with computer generated visual effects, this activity offers valuable education on applying the newest hypertension guidelines.

$ 45.00

Immunization Update: What's New in Vaccines?

Earn up to 1.50 pharmacology credits with this activity. Recently, the immunization schedule has undergone widespread changes. This lecture offers the latest information regarding immunizations, updates, benefits and side effects of various vaccines, and developing plans to improve community immunization rates.

$ 45.00

The Latest on Treating Depression and Anxiety in Primary Care

Earn up to 1.50 pharmacology credits with this activity. With depression and anxiety frequently encountered in primary care, many elements come into play when determining a treatment plan. This lecture reviews the latest treatment options to help NPs guide recommendations based upon patient presentation.

$ 45.00

Asthma and COPD: Meeting the Challenge to Provide Optimal Management

Earn 1.50 pharmacology credits with this activity. Millions of people are affected by asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), yet so few are diagnosed and treated adequately. Explore the statistics, signs and symptoms, and treatment options for asthma and COPD in this activity.

$ 45.00

Management of Acute and Chronic Pain in the Primary Care Setting

Earn 1.50 pharmacology credits with this activity. Pain is the most commonly reported symptom in primary care. Learn best practices for recognizing and treating acute and chronic pain, current pharmacologic agents, and more.

$ 45.00

Pediatric Pharmacotherapeutics: Children Are Not Little Adults

Earn 1.50 pharmacology credits with this activity. This session will provide a history and case review of the development of pediatric pharmacotherapeutics. Common pediatric prescribing errors and prevention strategies will be discussed as well as new indications and medications approved for pediatric use.

$ 45.00

Cardiac Diagnosing and Management Workshop

Earn up to 1.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. During this session participants will learn about various cardiac diagnostic tests, how to choose the appropriate test based on a patient’s symptoms, and medications that can be used to treat your patients based on those test results.


Mind Your Patient Cues: Missed Diagnoses in Primary Care

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. In this session, participants will learn about common diagnostic errors, how to avoid making those common diagnostic errors, and the potential legal risks associated with making diagnostic errors in a primary care setting. Learn More.

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