NPs & PAs: Enhance Your Knowledge & Skills in Suturing

Develop new skills and earn 15.00 AAPA Catgegory 1 credits with the Online Suture Course (OSC), an advanced, intensive course on wound repair and suture training. Regardless of your level of experience with wound closure and care, OSC will enhance your skill set in the areas of suturing, stapling, gluing, and managing simple-to-complex lacerations. 

You will learn when to seek surgical consultation, how to deal with animal bites, when not to close a wound, and much more. The modules will help wound closures become more efficient, appropriate, up-to-date, and defensible. In addition to the detailed clinical content, each course module emphasizes key documentation and risk management concepts. Participants will also receive practice pearls—gleaned from years of experience—straight from an experienced emergency department provider.

Don't take our word for it, read what your colleagues have to say about the OSC.

Choose from convenient online-only access or USB access with an optional deluxe suture kit (shipped in the mail) to maximize your learning with the 11 hands-on practice modules.

What You Get With OSC 

—11 Closure Methods
—10 Exciting Case Studies
—11 Hands-on Practice Modules
—Closure Basics Including Line and Needle Selection
—When and When Not to Close
—And much more!

Bonus Content: Access a newly added video addressing left-handed suturing.

Shipping: All physical products (USB and deluxe suture kits) will be shipped in 5 to 8 business days of registering on the Online Suture Course website. Instructions will be emailed to you following purchase.

Note for Nurse Practitioners and Nurses: Both the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) accept AAPA Category 1 credit. Please check with check with your certification/licensing authority to confirm that AAPA credit is acceptable in your case.

OSC Expert Faculty

Patton D. Graham, NP-C, EMT, is an experienced family and emergency nurse practitioner. He completed his emergency nurse residency in 2012 at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, TN. Patton practices in both emergency departments and acute care clinics. He has also taught at the collegiate level and in a variety of clinical settings on suture training courses, wound repair, and procedural processes.

Sample Video: Proper Knot Tying


"I've taken live suture training courses before. I did NOT learn as much with those as I learned with OSC. What a phenomenal course. Basically, everything you need to know for wounds is in the course. Yes, it's online. However, you get out of it what you put into it; and you can get a lot out of it" —Cynthia Garner, DNP, FNP-BC

"I'm an ED doc for 21 years now. I did not expect this course to teach me anything. I was wrong. Maybe that says something about me ... maybe it says something about the course. I recommend it." —J. D. C.

"Patton's teaching style is alert, positive, and to the point. I'm looking forward to the other courses he comes up with." —Nora Vince, NP-C

"School rotations included some surgical technique and I remembered some of it. What I learned from this course has improved my practice, and I'm grateful." —John Birch, PA-C

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