Leukemia & Lymphoma
Learning Center


Welcome to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Learning Center, an educational resource for professionals interested in CME/CE activities focusing on leukemia and lymphoma. Here you will find multiple programs designed to address barriers to care and management and treatment of these critical diseases. Each initiative has been created to engage hematologists, oncologists, and other learners across multiple learning formats. This resource will encompass all areas of hematologic malignancies, each with its own learning track and associated educational activities.

CLL Patient-To-Patient Educational Video

This patient-to-patient video serves as an educational resource for both patients and clinicians. It features a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and a physician who together overcame the challenges they faced, from initial diagnosis to achieving disease remission in this patient. This video highlights the importance of shared decision-making and personalizing therapy.

HL Patient-To-Patient Educational Video

This patient education video serves as an educational resource for clinicians and patients. The video describes the patient experience and portrays the interaction between the patient and the patient's clinician, to convey the value of shared decision-making in the patient experience.