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About myCME/Haymarket Medical Education

What is myCME?

myCME offers easy access to hundreds of online CME and CE courses in dozens of therapeutic areas for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. From standalone courses to comprehensive case series and board reviews, our courses are highly credible, rigorous, and certified by accredited providers you can trust.

In addition, myCME offers:

  • Certified CME/CE programs from Haymarket Medical Education, myCME's own ACCME-accredited provider, and our distinctive educational partners across the full spectrum of medical specialties.
  • Easy access to relevant courses via a customized homepage tailored to your specialty and interests as well as extensive search capabilities by Topic and Specialty
  • Instant grading of tests and issuance of certificates for CME/CE credit

What is Haymarket Medical Education?

Haymarket Medical Education (HME), a division of Haymarket Media Inc., is a medical education company with more than 20 years' experience producing top-quality, independent, continuing education programs for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Our nationally recognized, award-winning CME/CE initiatives integrate digital, live, and print education formats for optimal reach and reinforcement to targeted audiences of learners. We are proud to say that Haymarket Medical Education is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Alliance for CME award for "Most Outstanding Industry-Supported Certified CME Activity".

In early 2014, HME was accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Our rigorous processes and adherence to ACCME regulations ensure that our activities deliver education intended to improve competence and performance. 

Read more about HME.

How do I sign up for myCME?

Registering for myCME is free and easy. To create an account, go to the black box labeled "Sign Me Up!"at the top right of our homepage, fill in the required information, then click the blue 'Sign Up For Free!" button. You're all set!

Is myCME free?

The majority of our courses are 100% free of charge. We also offer a variety of user-paid programs, such as our popular Rutgers PANCE/PANRE Review Course, NPACE Pharmacology Packages for Nurse Practitioners, Board Review Courses for a variety of specialties, and more. Paid courses are clearly labeled with the following symbol:

Your Account

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Select the "Sign In" button on the myCME homepage, then click the "Forgot password?" link at the sign in prompt to have a new password sent to you by email right away. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive an email within 10 minutes of submitting your request. Once signed in, you may visit your "My Account" page to update your temporary password.

I reset my password and the new password doesn't work.

Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. Be sure to type your password exactly as it appears within the email you received. We strongly recommend typing your password and email directly rather than pasting these into the field. Any extra blank spaces before or after the password can cause the sign in to fail, and this often occurs when copying and pasting your email or password. Please try signing in again in a new browser window.

I reset my password and did not receive an email with a new password.

First, please double check that you are using the email address associated with your myCME account; the email will be sent to that address only. It is possible the email containing your password was mistaken for spam and routed to your junk mail folder. Please check your junk mail folder for this message. If found, be sure to flag the message as 'not junk' to make sure future emails reach your inbox. 

In addition, we recommend adding the sending address to your address book or otherwise configuring your junk mail settings to always allow messages from this address.

How do I change or update my account e-mail address?

Please sign in to myCME, click the 'My Account' button at the top right of any myCME webpage, then select 'My Account' again from the dropdown menu. Click on your current email address under 'Sign In Information', enter your new email address in the pop-up box that will appear, then hit Submit and Save.

Can I change my profession and/or specialty?

Yes. To do so, sign in to your account and then go to 'My Account'. Under the My Profession heading, you can click the dropdown arrow next to 'Profession' and 'Primary Specialty' to change these settings.

New Members

How do I sign up for myCME?

Registering for myCME is free and easy. To create an account, go to the black box labeled "Sign Me Up!" at the top right of our homepage, fill in the required information, then click the blue 'Sign Up For Free!" button. You're all set!

Is myCME free?

The majority of our CME/CE/CPE programs are 100% free of charge. We also offer a variety of user-paid programs, such as our popular Rutgers PANCE/PANRE Review Course, NPACE Pharmacology Packages for Nurse Practitioners, Board Review Courses for a variety of specialties, and more. Paid courses are clearly labeled with the following symbol:

I am trying to register for myCME, but my profession or specialty isn't listed. What should I do?

While myCME provides quality continuing medical education opportunities for a wide variety of professions and specialties, we haven't covered everyone yet. If you see a similar profession or specialty to yours, we recommend choosing that option.

I am trying to log in to myCME, but I receive a message that there is no account on file under my e-mail address. What should I do?

If you receive this message, we do not have an account on file for the email. If you registered with a different email and can't remember your password, please follow the "forgot password" link on the login page. Otherwise, please create a free account on the homepage,

I tried to create a new myCME account, but I received a message that my e-mail address is already in use. What should I do?

You likely have an account with another Haymarket Medical Network website, such as,, or one of the others listed here, and you can use the same log-in and password for myCME. Please proceed to the login page.

If you are unsure of your password, please follow the 'forgot password' link at the login prompt. A new password will be sent by email right away.

About Our Courses

How do I earn CME/CE credit on myCME?

All myCME activities are online-only; we do not send any materials in the mail such as handouts, CDs, or DVDs. We currently offer a variety of course formats, including webcasts, monographs, patient case studies, synched slide decks, meeting coverage, and more. You can view the format of the course as well as other important information such as time to complete, the number and type(s) of credit available, accreditor information, program description, and more on the overview page, which can be accessed by clicking on the activity. Some programs include downloadable materials you may print out, such as copies of the slides and handouts.

All activities require you to complete an online-only post-test and evaluation form to earn credits (sometimes, a pre-test at the start of the activity is also required). After you complete these items, you'll be prompted to download a PDF-based certificate certifying your completion of the activity, and the certificate will save to your online CME History (under My Account) for you to access later, too.

How many tries will I have to pass the post-test?

The majority of our complimentary courses offer unlimited tries to take the post-test and earn credits. Select courses offer only a limited number of tries to pass. For questions about paid-for courses, please visit Marketplace Customer Support.

What types of CE/CME credit are offered on myCME?

myCME is primarily geared toward physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists, although we occasionally offer other credit types. The main credit types we offer include AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM, CE for Nurses, CE for Nurse Practitioners, AAPA Category 1 Credit(s), and CPE for Pharmacists. Several of our nursing courses and packages offer pharmacology credits.

To view the credit information offered for a particular course, check the overview page (the first page) of the course. The number and type of credits offered is listed at the very top of the page under Maximum Credits. After halfway down the page, you can view additional credit information, such as detailed accreditor information.

Will my state/national board accept the activities on your website?

Since requirements vary widely, we recommend checking with your state or national board. You can find pertinent information such as the accreditor, credit type, intended audience, program description, and more on the overview page (the very first page) of each activity that you may find useful when contacting your board about the activity or activities in question.

I am having difficulty claiming the credits for a course. How can I do this?

To claim credit, please go back to the activity in question and be sure you have completed the post-test and evaluation, then click the blue 'Claim Credits' button at the bottom of the page. Next, please select the bubble next to the credit type you would like to receive and click the blue button at the bottom of the page that says 'Claim and View Certificate'.

When you can see the blue 'View Certificate' button and open the PDF of your certificate, you have completed the process of claiming your credits.

You can access the certificates you have claimed in the past at any time by clicking on 'My Account', 'CME History', then 'View Certificate' next to the title of any course.

Are course materials available through the mail or on CDs or DVDs?

Our courses are online only; we do not send out any physical materials. In some cases, downloadable handouts, slides, or audio files are available.

CME/CE Certificates

Once I complete a course, how will I receive my certificate?

A PDF of your certificate will be available for download immediately after you complete the post-test and evaluation, then claim the credit type you would like. We do not mail copies of your certificates.

Where can I access my CME/CE certificates?

Go to 'My Account' and then 'CME History' to view a comprehensive history of every CME/CE activity you have completed on myCME. Your CME History also lists the number of credits each activity is worth along with the option to view/print your certificate.

How can I print my CME/CE certificates?

Go to 'My Account' and then 'CME History', then click the blue button next to the title of each course labeled 'View Certificate.' This will allow you to open a PDF of each certificate that you may view, save to your computer, or print.

I accidentally claimed the wrong credit type. Can this be changed?

Please email and we will change the credit type for you if it's available. Please note that not all programs offer all credit types, so please be sure to verify whether an activity offers the appropriate credit type for you before completing it by checking under the 'Maximum Credits' heading at the top of the activity's overview page.

Can I change the information that appears on my certificate?

Yes. If you'd like to change or edit the name that appears on your certificate, you can do so under My Account.

If you'd like to claim a smaller amount of credits than the maximum amount, you can do this before you claim your credits by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the credit number, then hitting the Claim Credits button and viewing your certificate.

I completed an activity but my certificate is not showing up in my CME History. How come?

The most common reason this may happen is that your credits need to be claimed. First, be sure that you have completed the activity pre-test (if included), passed the post-test, and filled out the evaluation form. After you have completed these items, you will need to claim your credits by clicking in the bubble next to the credit type you would like to receive, then clicking the blue 'Claim and View Certificate' button. As soon as you have successfully claimed your credits, you'll see the message below and the activity will be recorded in your CME History:

I downloaded my certificate but cannot open it. What happened?

If you're having technical difficulties, we recommend right-clicking on the View Certificate button and saving the certificate to your desktop rather than opening it right away. If you still have trouble, please email

I'd like to claim AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM, but I'm not a physician. Is this possible?

Yes! Our system automatically awards you the correct certificate based on the profession saved in your myCME profile. For example, if you are a physician assistant or nurse and claim AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM, you will receive a certificate of participation. Please check with your board on whether this credit type is acceptable.


What is the format of each post-test? How long is it?

The post-test is completed at the end of each activity; it is based online and is a multiple choice format. The length of each post-test varies, but you can expect approximately 5-15 questions for activities under 1 hour, with more questions as the number of credit hours increases.

Will I have more than one try to pass the post-test?

Yes, for the majority of activities, you will have two tries to pass the post-test. After you complete the post-test, you will be able to view the correct answer to each question, sometimes with an explanation as well.

Help! I can't find the post-test for the activity.

Once you have completed the activity material, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the blue 'Go to Post-Test' button. In some cases, depending on the length and format of the activity material, you may have to scroll a bit further down the page to find it.

I'm looking for a post-test from Clinical Advisor. Where can I find it?

If you are using a shortened post-test link you found in print, please be sure you have entered the URL correctly. These URLs must be entered exactly as they appear in print. If you still cannot get the link to work or find the activity, you can also access the post-tests for these CE/CME activities by clicking 'Courses' in the navigation bar, then clicking "The Clinical Advisor" in the dropdown list. You may also access them here:

Clinical Advisor CME/CE

Purchased Courses/Packages

I'm having trouble accessing a package/course I purchased. How can I find it?

You should have received an email immediately after you purchased the course with access details, so check the email address associated with your myCME account first. If you cannot find this or no longer have this email, please sign in to your account, click the 'My Account' at the top right of the page, and then click 'Purchase History' in the dropdown menu. From there, you'll see a list of every activity/package you have purchased; simply click the title of the course you'd like to start to begin.

Do the CME/CE credits in my package expire?

Yes. Each course is accredited for only a certain period of time, meaning you can earn CE/CME credits only until the stated Expiration Date (located at the top right of each activity's overview page). Please be sure to complete the post-test at the end of each activity by the stated expiration date to earn credits. After that date, our system will no longer be able to process the credits.

Do the pharmacology packages for nurse practitioners carry an expiration date?

You can view a PDF of the expiration dates for each pharmacology course we offer below. You can also find the expiration date listed at the top right-hand corner of the first page of each course under "Expiration Date."

Please note: Because the activities in your package were accredited on separate dates, they will expire at different times.

NPACE Pharmacology Package Expiration Dates

All-in-One Pharmacology Package

Primary Care Essentials Pharmacology CE Package

NP All-Stars: Featured Faculty Pharmacology CE Package

All-New Pharmacology CE Package

How can I obtain a receipt of my purchase?

Once you are logged in to the myCME account you used to purchase the course, go to 'My Account', then click 'Purchase History' in the dropdown menu. From there, you can click the blue 'View Receipt' button to the right of each course title to open a PDF of your receipt.

For more course-specific information, please visit Marketplace Customer Support.

Group Purchases/Discounts

I'm interested in purchasing a course in bulk for a number of clinicians. Is that possible?

Yes! Please contact our Online Marketing Director, Tara Hill, for more information at

Does myCME offer any discounts?

Yes, we currently offer discounts for students and military personnel (active or retired). To claim your discount code, please email We also occasionally offer limited-time discounts on certain packages, so be sure to check the package pages as well as subscribe to our newsletters for current discount codes.

Mobile Devices and App

Are all myCME courses accessible on my mobile device?

Many, but not all, of our activities are available on mobile, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smartphones and tablets. If you do not see a particular course listed on mobile, it may be available only on desktop/laptop at this time.

Certain packages, such as the pharmacology packages for nurse practitioners, are 100% compatible with mobile—meaning we provide mobile-friendly links (internet access required) and audio downloads (internet access not required) so you can complete your course on the go.

Does myCME have an app?

Yes, we do! To find it, simply go to the app store on your device and search for 'myCME'. It's 100% free, and it offers access to our courses on the go. Not all courses are available on the app due to compatibility issues.

I purchased a course, but it's not showing up under 'My Courses' in the myCME app.

Some of our fee-based courses and packages are not compatible with our app at this time, such as our self-assessment courses. However, you may access these courses by navigating to myCME on your mobile internet browser. The entire myCME site is mobile-friendly.

I'm experiencing a technical difficulty with the myCME app. What should I do?

Please email and we'll investigate the issue for you.


How can I sign up for myCME newsletters?

We'd love to have you! We'll keep you up-to-date with information on the latest courses tailored to your profession and specialty, new and exciting offerings, and exclusive discounts. To sign up, sign in to myCME, click 'My Account,' then click the Notifications tab on the left. Once you have checked your selections, simply hit 'Save' and you'll start receiving our newsletters straight to your inbox.

How can I unsubscribe from myCME newsletters?

Please follow the directions above for signing up, only uncheck the boxes next to all newsletters and then hit 'Save' to be removed from our list. You can also click 'Unsubscribe' at the bottom of any newsletter you no longer wish to receive.


Collaboration with CME educational partners is a fundamental part of our DNA. We work with leading universities, professional associations, and other CME providers to inform and enhance our educational activities. Our partners include Boston University, Duke University School of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Joslin Diabetes Center, and Rutgers University School of Health Related Professions.

Who can I contact for information on hosting a course or partnering with myCME?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact for more information.