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Exam Master's® board prep for the PANCE/PANRE covers what you need to know for your exam. Data is organized according to the NCCPA exam blueprint and a convenient and personalized dashboard shows you where you stand at all times. Each version of the practice exam contains different high-quality questions distributed over 5 blocks of 60 questions each. Test questions are organized and presented based on the distribution provided in the NCCPA blueprint, including body systems and tasks.

"I wanted to thank you for making Exam Master® available to us to aid in our preparation for the PANCE. I answered and reviewed at least 50 questions every night for two weeks before the actual exam and 1 full length practice exam two days before. It was invaluable for preparing me and allowed me to feel more confident on test day. I found out today that I passed with well above the number of points required to do so."

—PA Student, Butler University

Product Features

  • 2500 board-style questions
  • 2 full-length practice exams with 300 questions each
  • Based on the NCCPA PANCE/PANRE exam blueprint
  • Detailed scoring feedback by Topic, Subject and Category
  • Create your own flash cards
  • Test and Study modes, timed or untimed

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Rutgers (formerly UMDNJ) PANCE/PANRE Review Course with 90 Days' Exam Master Access

Earn 26.50 AAPA credits with this 5-module course, based on the highly acclaimed live course offered by the Rutgers Physician Assistant Program (formerly UMDNJ). Rutgers' PA program ranks among the top 10 in the nation and the highest among schools on the U.S. East Coast. You'll also get access to more than 2500 practice questions from Exam Master®—plus 2 full-length practice tests. Place your confidence in the online review course with a 98.6% self-reported pass rate.
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26.50 AAPA Category 1 Credits
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to Exam Master's® questions?
You will have access for 90 days. Your 90 days do not begin when you purchase the Review Course with Exam Master® option. The access period begins when you first register with the Exam Master® special myCME portal, so you can time the access to coincide with your study plan. 

Can't I just buy the questions down the road when I want to start?
Except for those who purchased the Review Course before we began offering Exam Master® questions, we are not selling the questions separately. They must be purchased at the time of the Review Course purchase. 

Will I access the Exam Master® questions on the myCME website?
No. Once you've purchased, we will send you information on how to log in and set up your password on a special Exam Master® portal exclusively for myCME customers.   

Can I get the Exam Master® questions on the myCME app?
Neither the Review Course nor Exam Master® questions for myCME customers are on the myCME app at this time. Both the course and the questions are available, however, on mobile browsers (e.g., Safari on Apple devices).

What if I want to access Exam Master® questions after my 90 days run out?
You will be able to add another 90 days for $100, a 27% savings from the regular Exam Master® price.

Are the Exam Master® questions designed more for those taking the PANCE or the PANRE?
The NCCPA Blueprint is identical whether you are taking the PANCE or the PANRE. The questions are a great review no matter which examination you are taking.

If I purchase the Exam Master® questions from one computer, can I view them on another? 
Yes, as long as you use the same Exam Master® login from computer to computer.

What if I already have an account with Exam Master® but my subscription has run out?
You will need to establish a new login and password for Exam Master.®

What if I already have an account with Exam Master® but I still have time left? Can I get a refund based on the myCME special discount when I buy the Review Course?
No, sorry. We are not able to refund previously purchased Exam Master® access. 

I qualify for a student or military discount. Will the discount apply to Exam Master® questions as well?
Absolutely. Your discount will be automatically reflected in the price at the time of purchase.

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