ECG Intensive Review Bundle (49 hrs Cat I CME/CE)
Save when you purchase this 3-course bundle of the: 

- 12-Lead ECG Course
- Animated Rhythms Course
- 50 Online ECG Case Studies 

Together you will receive a comprehensive ECG review, cover all 26 rhythm patterns, and cover 50 12-Lead ECG tracings with clinical discussions and quizzes.

$ 529.00

12-Lead ECG Course (30 hrs Cat I CME/CE)

Learn to analyize, not memorize, with The 12-Lead ECG Course. A hybrid of online material and written material, this course is made for flexible home/self-study. Review the normal pattern, STEMI, nonSTEMI, Bundle Branch Blocks, LAFB, LVH, and WPW and ultimately learn how to analyze changes associated with acute MI/ischemia. ...

$ 399.00

Animated Rhythms Course (6 hrs Cat I CME/CE)

Cover all of the common ECG rhythms you will encounter in your practice. All 26 rhythm patterns are presented with animation to correlate the electrical path through the heart to the tracing on the rhythm strip. Ideal for preparation for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification, board review, or ...

$ 94.00

50 Online ECG Case Studies (13 hrs Cat I CME/CE)

Choose the 50 Case Studies Course for an excellent review of 12-lead ECG and Rhythm interpretation. Cover 50 12-Lead ECG tracings with clinical discussions and quizzes. Topics include: STEMI, non-STEMI, Bundle Branch Blocks, WPW, LVH, WPW as well as common rhythm abnormalities. Learn more ...

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