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Interrelationship Between Celiac Disease, Self-Reported Wheat Sensitivity, and Functional GI Disorders

Individuals with clinically diagnosed celiac disease are at greater risk for chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, possibly fitting modified Rome criteria for irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia.

Fidaxomicin Effective for Long-Term Cure of Clostridium difficile

Fidaxomicin demonstrated the strongest evidence for being the most effective treatment in providing a long-term cure for C difficile infection.

Cardiac Pathology in SUDEP Compared With Sudden Arrhythmic or Traumatic Deaths

Causes of death in patients with epilepsy were assessed to determine the presence of cardiac pathology.

Skin Cancer Education May Improve Sun Protection Practices Among Organ Transplant Recipients

The use of multiple sun protection measures was defined as the use of 2 or more of these measures more than 50% of the time when the individual was outdoors.

Lack of Vaccination in High-Exempt Areas Linked to Medical Distrust

Exemption from vaccination is common in Arizona school districts due to lack of trust in medical establishments.