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The Psychopharmacology of Anxiety and Depression: Understanding Psychiatric Medicines

Earn up to 3.00 pharmacology credits during this workshop session. You will learn the neuro-chemistry involved in making a mental health diagnosis, how to prescribe psychiatric medications, and more. Learn More.


The Faces of Anxiety: Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Hoarding

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credits with this session and learn about the range of symptoms associated with various anxiety disorders as well as pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments for these patients. Learn More.


Sweet Success: Expert Tips in Using New and Old Diabetes Medication Effectively in Clinical Practice

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit with this activity. Learn about old and new medications to treat their patients with Diabetes, safety considerations when prescribing those medications, and how these medications can be safely used together. Learn More.


Common Thyroid Disorders

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. Learn how to test, diagnose, and treat various forms of thyroid disorders commonly seen in a primary care setting based on the latest evidence-based guidelines. Learn More.


Cardiac Diagnosing and Management Workshop

Earn up to 1.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. During this session participants will learn about various cardiac diagnostic tests, how to choose the appropriate test based on a patient’s symptoms, and medications that can be used to treat your patients based on those test results.


Contraceptive Update: A Focus on CDC, MEC, and New Research

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit with this activity. This activity will focus on the latest information pertaining to the risks and benefits of today’s oral contraceptives (OCs) as well as the latest trends and challenges of OC use. The risks associated with unintended pregnancy will be discussed. The ...


Vulvovaginitis Beyond the Basics: Everything You're Itching to Know

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. This activity will update NPs with the latest diagnostic problems and contributing factors to managing acute and chronic vulvolvaginitis. Learn More.


More than the Blues: Managing Depression

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. During this session, participants will learn how to identify symptoms, treat, and provide ongoing care to patients suffering from various forms of depression. Learn More.


Pharmacologic Considerations in Older Adults: Case Studies in Primary Care

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit with this activity. In this session, participants will learn about presentation of symptoms and pharmacologic treatment of ailments in geriatric patients. Learn More.


Mind Your Patient Cues: Missed Diagnoses in Primary Care

Earn up to 0.50 pharmacology credit with this activity. In this session, participants will learn about common diagnostic errors, how to avoid making those common diagnostic errors, and the potential legal risks associated with making diagnostic errors in a primary care setting. Learn More.


Workshop: What's Hot and What's Not in New Drugs and Respiratory Infections

Earn up to 3.00 pharmacology credits with this activity. Review popular, new, and widely used medications, including their appropriate uses, adverse effects and drug interactions. Latest guidelines and treatments for the management of respiratory infections will also be provided. Learn More.


Hypertension and Lipids: The Latest Guidelines

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit with this activity. Review the risks associated with hypertension and hyperlipidemia and discuss the various treatment options for these two common conditions Learn More.


Neuro Assessment and Management Workshop

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit with this activity conducted by a nurse practitioner where the diagnosis and treatment of patients with headaches, dizziness, as well as a variety of other neurologic conditions will be discussed. Learn More.


Pediatric Pharmacology Update: Children are Not Little Adults

Earn up to 1.00 pharmacology credit with this review of the development of pediatric pharmacotherapeutics. Previous cases with unintentional bad outcomes and strategies to prevent common pediatric errors will be reviewed. Learn More.


Diabetes Management Workshop

This Three Hour Workshop will include information about diabetes management in 2016 with pharmacothereapeutics and case studies including insulin management.

$ 50.00

Dermatology Workshop: A Primer

This workshop is intended to provide basic understanding of dermatologic issues you are likely to encounter in your primary care, including acne and rosacea, benign and malignant skin lesions, common skin rashes and infections.

$ 25.00

Geriatric Pharmacotherapeutics Workshop

This session will allow attendees to be able to discuss aging changes that affect the pharmacological management of common disorders in order adults, describe essential medication safety in geriatric pharmacology and the common medications to avoid in older patients.

$ 75.00

The Delightful Vitamin D For Good Health

This session will cover use of the appropriate assay to determine Vitamin D deficiency, strategies to treat vitamin D deficiency and preventing recurrence. It will also define Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency and the importance of Vitamin D for overall health and welfare.

$ 25.00

Osteoporosis Management

This session will provide the nurse practitioner with information about causes of osteoporosis, prevention and the role of calcium and vitamin D and management of osteoporosis. Various pharmacological therapies will be discussed including potential risks and complications.

$ 25.00

Cardiac Medication Management with Case Studies

This session will review common acute and chronic cardiac diagnoses, describe the medication management for specific cardiac conditions and utilize evidence based pharmacotherapeutics strategies in clinical practice to improve patient care outcomes.

$ 25.00

Navigating Those Pulmonary (Not So) Perilous Seas: Update on Managing Pulmonary Issues

This session discusses common presenting pulmonary conditions in primary care patients and current recommendations for identifying patients at risk for developing lung cancer, plus covers the contributing value of antibiotic stewardship.

$ 25.00

Not Missing the Boat on COPD Diagnosis and Management

This session will demonstrate competency in evaluation of spirometry in diagnosing COPD in primary care patients, contrast the use of cigarette smoking vs. electronic cigarettes and select key factors contributing to undiagnosed COPD in primary care patients.

$ 25.00

Antibiotics: Latest Treatment Options

This session will identify statistics related to incidence/prevalence of various respiratory conditions, discuss the signs and symptoms of pneumonia, ABRS, AOM, AECB and the treatment options for those conditions.

$ 25.00

Managing Hyperlipidemia

Coronary heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in this country. Many of these individuals have abnormal lipid profiles. This lecture discusses the risks associated with hyperlipidemia and discusses treatment options for this condition.

$ 25.00

HPV/Cervical Cancer, Anal/Oral Cancer Update

BONUS Course: This session will discuss the link between HPV and cervical, anal and oral cancer screening, describe new cervical cancer screening and explain anal and oral cancer, HPV pathophysiology, risk factors, screening and clinical manifestations. Note: This course does NOT offer pharmacology credits.

$ 25.00
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