SWD Tool/Care Kit

The Shift Work Disorder Tool/Care Kit includes practical resources and tools for the clinician that can be readily utilized to enhance patient care and communication.

This Tool/Care Kit has been made available by an educational grant from Cephalon, Inc.

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Clinician Tools/Information

  1. Practice Management Tips 
  2. The Role of Circadian Rhythms in the Control of Sleep/Wake Function and Quality of Life
  3. ICD-9 Diagnostic Codes/Reimbursement Issues Related to Shift Work Disorder
  4. Epworth Sleepiness Scale Patient Questionnaire (with Spanish translation)
  5. Weekly Sleep & Wake Log
  6. Sleep Diary
  7. Considerations in Evaluating Patients with Shift Work Disorder
  8. Mallampati Scale and Risks for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  9. PHQ-9 Quick Depression Assessment
  10. Insomnia Severity Index
  11. Actigraphy
  12. Treatment Options for Shift Work Disorder
  13. Sleep/Wake Hygiene Measures for Shift Work Disorder
  14. Bright Light Therapy for Shift Work Disorder
  15. Waiting Room Poster


If you would like to receive an actual 17" x 22" color Poster for your office, please provide your mailing address to via email at: sharon.hill-ingram@haymarketmedical.com.

Click here for all Clinician Tools/Information files as one PDF.

Click here for the Sleep/Wake Disorders Video Q&A.



Shift Work Disorder Patient Video

These video case vignettes illustrate the interaction between the primary-care clinician and the patient with regard to screening for and managing shift work disorder. 

Case 1: A 46-Year-Old Male Medical Technologist Who Is Tired and Irritable


Case 2: A 48-Year-Old Production Supervisor With Sleepiness Near the End of Her Night Shift

Patient Education Materials

  1. Patient Education Brochure
  2. Epworth Sleepiness Scale Patient Questionnaire (with Spanish translation)

Click here for all Patient Education Material files as one PDF

Selected Publications

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Click here for all Selected Publications as one PDF

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