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Beyond a Traditional Board Review

Maximize your Time and Earn up
to 28.50 AAPA Category 1 CME Credits While You Study

Board Review + CME Credits

The Rutgers PANCE/PANRE Review is a comprehensive online board review course which provides the framework for the entire NCCPA blueprint. Plus, you can earn up to 28.5 AAPA Category 1 credits while you study.

Includes Practice
Questions, Too

Enhancing performance through effective and challenging content, this course also includes over 250 board-style reasoning questions with detailed explanations for both the correct and incorrect answers.

Mapped to the
NCCPA BluePrint

Online lectures cover the NCCPA blueprint, which is organized by organ system and further broken down to diseases/disorders. This way you know exactly what and how to prepare for your upcoming PANCE/PANRE.
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Condensed & Focused

You don't need to sift through notes from PA school or the last time you studied for your PANRE. Important concepts and "need to know" information are distilled in order to help you efficiently prepare and feel confident on test day.

Expert Faculty

Course faculty consists of experienced PA educators from Rutgers who have prepared thousands of students to achieve high pass rates and exceptional exam scores.

Updated Yearly

Not only is the course modified annually to ensure that review material is accurate, feedback from previous users is also taken into consideration.
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Unlimited Access

You will receive unlimited access to the course until you pass your PANCE/PANRE and even after the course credits expire.

Multiple Formats to
Meet Your Study Needs

PowerPoint handouts of the video lectures can be printed and MP3 audio files can be downloaded in order to accommodate for active lifestyles away from the office or home.

Easy to Navigate

Course has a simple to navigate interface that can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Also, you can easily pick up where you left off and report credits directly to the NCCPA.
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Why Study with the Rutgers PANCE/PANRE Review Course?

Click the video above to find out why the PANCE/PANRE Board Review Course is invaluable for your exam preparation.


1. Cardiovascular
2. Pulmonology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, and Otorhinolaryngology
3. Musculoskeletal System, Neurologic System, Psychiatry/Behavioral Science
4. Infectious Disease, Endocrine System, Hematologic System, Dermatologic System
5. Reproductive System, Gastrointestinal System/Nutrition, Genitourinary System

Your colleagues know best:

I wanted to thank you for making Exam Master® available to us to aid in our preparation for the PANCE. I answered and reviewed at least 50 questions every night for two weeks before the actual exam and 1 full length practice exam two days before. It was invaluable for preparing me and allowed me to feel more confident on test day. I found out today that I passed with well above the number of points required to do so.

PA Student, Butler University

The first time I recertified, I bought a lot of books and found the studying to be rather monotonous. For my second PANRE, I purchased the online Rutgers PANCE/PANRE Review Course. I found the Rutgers course to be much more engaging, and I felt like I learned things that I could actually apply to my job. That was a nice bonus! And adding in the fact that you get 26.5 CME credits for completing the review makes it a very valuable resource. Plus, my score went up almost 100 points!

Scott, PA-C

I originally took the live Rutgers PANCE/PANRE Review Course in 2010, as I am a Rutgers graduate. I found it extremely informative, so naturally when it came time to take my PANRE, I chose Rutgers again. However, this time I did the online version...I could go at my own pace, pause if I needed a break, and rewind when I needed clarification. You can print out the slides and follow along the lectures just as though you were there in person! Some of my co-workers have also purchased the online review course and have found it to be very helpful. I know from now on that I will always be doing the Rutgers online course. It doesn't get any easier or better than that.

Nisha, PA-C

My PANCE score was 753/800 points, and so much of my success I attribute to the online course with Rutgers. The program was incredibly easy to follow, and it was convenient to use at my own pace by being able to pause the lectures and review. Kudos for putting together such a well-rounded course that prepared me for the exam and helped me to be so successful in my performance.

Melissa, PA-C


Rutgers PANCE/PANRE Course FAQs (Click to expand)

How many credits is the course worth?
By completing each of the post-tests at the end of the 5 modules, you can earn a total of 28.50 AAPA Category I CME Credits.

Can I access the course on my iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device?
Yes, the lectures are presented in a convenient video format so you should have no trouble viewing from your mobile device.

Can I download the lectures so that I can watch them offline later?
You can download MP3 audio files that you can add to your MP3 player or burn to a CD. For video files, our system is currently set up so that you can view the lectures only with a live internet connection. It is not possible to download the video lectures to your computer or handheld device to then view offline.

How long will I have access to the course?
Once you register for the course, you will have access to earn CME credit until July 24, 2018. You can stop and go back to the materials as often as you wish. The materials will be available for review even after you earn the credits or the credits expire.

Do you offer practice exam questions also?
We sure do. Each of the 5 modules includes a post-test of 50-60 that you must pass to earn CME credit. In addition, myCME has partnered with Exam Master® to offer access to 2500 more practice questions plus 2 full practice exams. More details about Exam Master® here.

Can I get a copy of the lectures as a handout?
All lecture handouts are available as PDF files. You can print them out and follow along as you listen and view the slide program. All slide PDF links and any other material handouts that may be available for a particular session can be found directly below the corresponding lecture video. For the Cardiovascular module, you will find all downloads at the top of the material page. We have also made available downloadable MP3 files of each lecture.

Where can I find the additional clinical tool handouts that are referred to within the lectures?
All slide PDF links and any other material handouts that may be available for a particular session can be found directly below the corresponding lecture video. For the Cardiovascular module, you will find all downloads at the top of the material page.

Is this course designed more for those taking the PANCE or the PANRE?
The NCCPA Blueprint is identical whether you are taking the PANCE or the PANRE. This course is a great review no matter which examination you are taking.

I hear that the NCCPA has made some changes to the PANRE. Does this course take that into consideration?
The NCCPA now allows PAs taking the PANRE to continue to select the traditional generalist examination or select 40% of the questions to come from one of three focus areas: primary care, adult medicine, or surgery (also known as the practice-focused PANRE). Please note however, that whichever area of focus you choose, the content blueprint remains unchanged.  This review course is designed to cover all topics on the NCCPA Blueprint. Please refer to the NCCPA website for more details on the practice-focused PANRE.

The NCCPA now offers examinations for PAs who are interested in Certificates of Added Qualification (CAQs). Does this course prepare PAs to take those examinations?
This review course is designed as a preparation tool for the PANCE and PANRE only. It is not designed to review the topics on the specialty CAQ examinations.

If I purchase the course from one computer, can I view it on another?
Yes, as long as you use the same myCME login from computer to computer.

I've been able to access the courses before, and now I can't. How come?
The most common reason for this problem is that you have more than one account on myCME and you are not using the login/email you used to purchase the course. Only when logged into this account will you be able to use the course. Please make sure you are using the proper login/email.

Can I register for the course and pay by check?
We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Personal checks are not accepted.

Once I register and pay for the course, how long will it take before I have access?
Once you have registered and paid, you will be given access immediately. All of the course materials are online.

I hear the speakers reference the exams at the end of each day. May I have access to them?
The online course is set up so that you must take the exam at the end of each module in order to get your CME certificate for CME credit. These examination questions are identical to the examinations given at the live course.

If I am taking the exam and am interrupted before I complete it, will my answers be saved for me to come back to later?
Once you close out of the course without completing the post-test and submitting your answers, your responses will not be saved. In this case, you will need to start the post-test over from the beginning the next time go into the module. 

Can I retake the exams again at a later date to see whether I have improved?
The exams are designed to be taken and saved only one time to receive CME credit. You will need to score 70% or better to pass the exam. If you do not pass, you will be shown which answers were right and which were wrong and given another opportunity, until such time as you score 70% or better. Once you pass, you can take the exams again at a later date and receive a new score, but you will not earn more credit and your score will not be saved.

Do you offer any discounts?
A special discounted rate is available for the following individuals: attendees of the most recent Rutgers live course, preceptors of Rutgers PA students, UMDNJ PA Program lecturers, and graduates of the Rutgers PA Program. Please contact Matt McQuillan (732-235-4445 or for details.

Students in accredited PA programs and those on active military duty qualify for a 20% discount. Please e-mail for details.

I am not a PA but have found that these types of courses are very educational and valuable to my practice. May I take the course anyway?
You may certainly register for the course, but you won't receive CME credit since the courses are accredited for only PAs. We welcome your interest and thank you in advance for your participation.

I am having technical difficulties with the course. What should I do?
Please contact our Web support at

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