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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Raises Suicide Risk

Men with PCa have a 4-fold increased risk of suicidal death within 3 months of diagnosis compared to men who have other solid cancers.

High Phosphorus Levels Predict CKD Progression, Early Death

Every 1 mg/dL increase in serum phosphorus level was linked with 36% greater odds of kidney failure among non-dialysis CKD patients.

Neutrophil Count May Predict Death Risk in Prostate Cancer Patients

This laboratory measure could be useful in treatment decision algorithms.

Hyperphosphatemia Increases Mortality in Critically Ill Patients

High phosphate levels are associated with 3.3-fold increased odds of 28-day in-hospital mortality.

MRI-TRUS Biopsy Aids Detection of Locally Recurrent PCa

The technique, with cognitive assistance, identified recurrent tumors in 80% of patients.