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Infected Kidney Donors Raise Delayed Graft Function Risk

Kidneys from blood culture positive donors are not associated with graft and patient survival, however.

Albuminuria May be a Risk Factor for Anemia in CKD

Kidney disease patients with macroalbuminuria were 86% more likely to be anemic.

Culture-Directed Prophylaxis Cuts Post-Cystectomy Infection Rates

Researchers report a significant drop in 30-day post-operative infection rate.

Researchers Zero In on Cause of 'Mesoamerican Nephropathy'

Study of sugarcane workers in Nicaragua may help to explain a high prevalence of chronic kidney disease in Central America.

Adverse Events in CKD Patients More Frequent with IV Iron

Trial stopped early due to a higher risk of serious cardiovascular events and infections with IV iron versus oral iron.