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MRI Accuracy for Prostate Cancer Challenged

Systematic biopsies always should be performed in conjunction with targeted biopsy in men with suspected clinically significant PCa at mpMRI.

Earlier vs Later Prostate Cancer Recurrence Characterized

Pathologic Gleason scores, positive surgical margin rates, and PSA doubling times differentiate earlier from later biochemical recurrence after radical surgery.

Mortality Lower With Parathyroidectomy, Despite Lab Values

PTx patients had 15.7% lower odds of premature death.

Low, High Uric Acid Ups Post-ESRD Death Risk

Levels of 10 mg/dL or higher and below 6 mg/dL predicted approximately 50% higher death risk in the 3 months after dialysis initiation.

High Intact Parathyroid Hormone Levels Linked With Death in CKD

Having 3 or 4 CKD-MBD markers in the danger zone more than doubled the chances of early death.