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Conscious Sedation Safe for Renal Cryoablation

Local anesthesia with conscious sedation for renal cancer cryoablation associated with shorter procedure and hospital stays.

Statin Plus Metformin May Reduce Prostate Cancer Relapse Risk

Dual use of both drugs significantly reduced the risk of biochemical prostate cancer recurrence after radical surgery.

Optimal PSA Threshold For Targeted Biopsy Identified

Diagnostic usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging/ultrasound (MRI/US) fusion targeted prostate biopsy optimized in PSA level of 5.2 ng/mL or higher.

Kidney Cancer Death Risk Higher in Diabetics

Among surgically-treated renal cell carcinoma patients, diabetics have a 55% and 32% increased risk of cancer-specific and all-cause mortality.

Prolonged Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Raises Fracture Risk

Androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) for more than 1 year is associated with a 2.5 times higher odds of fracture in prostate cancer patients.