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Prostate Cancer Risk Not Linked to Fertility

Fathering of dizygotic twins, a marker of high fertility, was not associated with increased risk of prostate cancer.

Bladder Cancer Biopsies Often Suboptimal

Absence of muscle tissue in bladder cancer biopsy samples is common and associated with increased risk of death.

Uremic Toxin in Hemodialysis Patients Predicts Heart Failure Risk

High levels of indoxyl sulfate are associated with a more than 5-fold increased risk of a first heart failure event.

Strokes Raise Death Risk in Dialysis Patients

The risk of dying after suffering a hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke is greatest in the first week.

Severe Adverse Technical Events Rare in Home Hemodialysis

Study reveals a rate of 0.038 such events per 1,000 home dialysis treatments.