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News from RUN

Low, High Potassium Ups Mortality in CKD Patients

Hypo- and hyperkalemia found to increase death risk by 26% and 22%, respectively.

Dialysis for AKI Does Not Hike Risk of Major Cardiovascular Events

Absence of association observed in patients with normal or near-normal baseline estimated glomerular filtration rate.

High Fluid Intake Lowers Kidney Stone Risk

Meta-analysis finds a reduction in the risk of incident and recurrent kidney stones.

Mycophenolate Mofetil Offers No Advantage in Lupus Nephritis

New study also provides evidence that an early proteinuria decrease is a strong predictor of good long-term outcome.

Dementia Risk Lower in Peritoneal Dialysis Initiators

Starting on peritoneal dialysis was associated with a 25% lower dementia risk versus starting on hemodialysis, a study showed.