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Coffee consumption may improve survival in patients with colon cancer

Regular consumption of caffeinated coffee may help prevent the return of colon cancer after treatment and improve the chances of a cure, according to a new, large study.

Imaging technique allows pediatric brain tumors to be classified noninvasively at diagnosis

Researchers have discovered that determining a tumor's medulloblastoma subgroup can be achieved noninvasively, using magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS).

Genetic test helps identify risk for more aggressive disease, improving myeloma treatment

New research has identified as few as nine genetic features would need to be tested to identify high-risk patients who might benefit from intensive myeloma treatment.

Two-cycle technique improves determining optimal treatment doses in clinical trials

A new technique has been developed by statisticians to help doctors optimize dosing new cancer treatments in phase I/II clinical trials.

New biomarker in breast and prostate cancer may help identify patients who will respond to taxanes

Researchers have pinpointed a novel genetic biomarker responsible for the progression of many breast and prostate cancers.