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Promising results from trial for late-stage peritoneal cancers

A drug originally used to treat ovarian cancer has shown promising results in patients with advanced peritoneal cancers during a phase I clinical trial.

New analyses of epigenetics reveal tumor weaknesses

Scientists have known for decades that cancer can be caused by genetic mutations, but more recently they have discovered that chemical modifications of a gene can also contribute to cancer.

Major breakthrough in understanding acute lymphoblastic leukemia

By analyzing the DNA sequence of patients at different stages of leukemia, researchers have discovered mutations in genes that lead to childhood leukemia of the acute lymphoblastic type, the most common childhood cancer.

Less radical procedures control kidney cancer similarly to surgery

Needle-guided tumor destruction procedures offer near equivalent lengths of cancer control when compared with surgery for patients with small kidney cancer tumors.

Gene likely to promote childhood cancers pinpointed

Researchers have identified a gene that contributes to the development of several childhood cancers, research that could lead to new strategies for targeting certain childhood cancers at a molecular level.