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Helical APBI Delivers Targeted Dose of Adjuvant Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

Preliminary results of a prospective, phase II trial show that once-daily accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) effectively prevented recurrence of cancer in the treated breast at a median 34 months after treatment.

Cancer Risk Higher in Patients With Heart Failure After a First Heart Attack

The risk of developing cancer increases in people who experience heart failure after their first heart attack compared with people who experience no heart failure after their first heart attack.

Routine Pap Smears Improve Cervical Cancer Risk in Women Older Than 65 Years

Despite confirmation of a link between routine Pap smear screening and a lower risk of developing cervical cancer in women older than 65 years, most US health guidelines discourage older women from undergoing routine Pap smears unless they have pre-existing risk factors.

Second-Line Regorafenib Improves Overall Survival in Refractory Liver Cancer

The multikinase inhibitor regorafenib significantly improved overall survival rates compared to placebo in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, according to data from the phase 3 RESORCE trial.

Training Primary Care Providers to Screen for Melanoma Increases Diagnoses, With Little Affect on Dermatology Visits or Skin Surgeries

Training primary care providers (PCP) to detect early melanoma led to increased melanoma diagnoses, but had little impact on skin surgeries or dermatology visits.