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Children of melanoma survivors need better sun protection

A recent, groundbreaking new study found that children of melanoma survivors are not adhering to sun protection recommendations.

Cancer biopsies found not to promote cancer spread

A recent study may dispel the myth that cancer biopsies have a role in the spreading of cancer in the body.

Effectiveness of nanoparticle drugs was hindered by tumor microenvironment in triple-negative breast cancer

Nanoparticle drugs were considered to be a potential silver bullet against cancer, but they have not produced the anticipated improvement in overall survival rates.

Biological factors account for most of the variations in breast cancer survival rates

A study of approximately 375,000 U.S. women with invasive breast cancer showed differences in likelihood of diagnosis occurring at an early stage, and survival after stage I diagnosis, based on by race and ethnicity.

Study makes a case for wider gene testing in patients with colorectal cancer

Wider testing for known cancer genes in patients with colorectal cancer, based on family history, could help in their diagnosis and treatment.